1965 Jaguar E Type 4.2 FHC 

Once you have decided to own an E Type you quickly get past the ‘3.8 versus 4.2’ debate, and if you have taken the extra step of driving both many opt for the 4.2, when Jaguar’s own improvements including the full synchromesh gearbox and improved brakes and cooling become immediately evident. 

Though USA imports appear the same after they have been converted to Right Hand Drive, they will always carry a certain stigma and never hold the same value or demand that exists for a genuine car built for the home market. 

Such home market 4.2 examples range in price from a restoration project to a ‘reborn’ version from Jaguar Heritage, of course with many varieties in between.  

After a budget has been set, choosing a colour dominates the next decision point, with Blue, Silver and Green the most sought after. Once into the search process the focus shifts to a cars history, the level of care and maintenance it has received, and its condition. So what can one expect from an example such as ‘MVG 590C’?

It begins with a well-documented history file, always a good sign of careful ownership. Fifty eight invoices from Jaguar specialists such as SNG Barratt and David Manners provide confidence that the car has been well cared for, as do the twenty five past MOT certificates, with the current one issued without advisories and expiring in 2024. And if you don’t wish to read through each of the fifty eight invoices there is a painstakingly handwritten set of notes by an enthusiastic owner detailing each step of the servicing and maintenance history.

Driving changed much in the fifty eight years since ‘MVG 590C’ was built, so enthusiastic owners improved the car with a stainless steel exhaust, an electric fan, and larger brake calipers from Jaguar’s own Series 2 car. And in this particular case, as well as its chrome wire wheels the owner indulged the car with an additional set of outside-laced competition wheels shod with Blockley radial tyres.

Asking Price: £89,950

Odometer Reading: ??????
Registration: MVG 590C
Chassis Number: 1E 20880
Engine Number: 7E6628
Gearbox: Manual
Steering position: Left-hand drive
Colour: Silver
Interior: Black Leather